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The following general conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as “GCU”) will apply to the internet site accessible at the address https://www.superfoodsainttropez.com (hereinafter the “Site”) operated by LE CIEL corporation with its headquarters at 2, rue du Cepoun San Martin, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France, and registered at the Register of Commerce and Corporations of Fréjus under number 882627425.

Article 1 – General information – Application of General Conditions

1.1 These GCU determine the conditions under which any individual (hereinafter the “Customer”) may browse the products on sale at the “Superfood” point of sale for take-out. No order can be placed online.

1.2 The GCU are made available to the Customers on the Site where they can be directly perused and will be accessible at all times.

The CGU will apply, without restriction and reservation and by law, to any browsing of the products presented on the internet site. These CGU will solely applicable, in exclusion of any other ones. These CGU will in addition prevail over any other version or any other contradicting document.

1.3 Le Ciel reserves the right to modify the GCU at any time and without notice. Modifications to the GCU shall be applicable to Customers from their online publication on the Site. GCU applicable to the Customer shall be those in effect on the Site on the date of the confirmation of the Reservation.

Article 2 – Product presentation

2.1 Products available for take-away presented on this internet site are a mere sample of what can be sold at the take-out point of sale named SUPERFOOD.

2.2 Le Ciel does not guarantee that products and dishes presented on the site will be available at the SUPERFOOD take-out point of sale.

2.3 Presentation of products and dishes presented on this internet site may change over time and need not be identical to what is sold at the SUPERFOOD take-out point of sale.

Article 3 – Data protection policy

3.1 GDPR

In conformity with the European Union’s General Regulation on Data Protection no. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (known as “GDPR”), the user is informed that Le Ciel, in its quality of controller, has implemented processing of personal data as part of use of the internet Site.

The company places great emphasis on protection of the site’s users’ and vacationers’ personal data and has strengthened its policy in matter of protection of personal data so as to conform with its obligations under applicable laws and regulations and especially obligations set out in GDPR.

Le Ciel company is committed to ensuring that collection and processing of your data as performed on the site conform to the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR) and to France’s Information Technology and Liberties Act.

Each form or teleservice limits collection of personal data to what is strictly necessary (data minimization) and especially states:

- what is the purpose of the collection of these data (finality)

- whether these data are required or optional for treating your request and

- to whom they may be revealed (only Le Ciel in principle unless otherwise stated on the form when transmission to a third party is necessary to process your request).

Each submission via a form will require consent. Such consent will be stored in a database for a period of one year.

Personal data submitted a part of services offered on the internet site will be treated according to securitized protocols and will permit processing of the received data in its electronic applications.

In case of any question or exercise of your rights under the Information Technology and Liberties Act regarding personal data managed by Le Ciel, and especially deletion of your personal data, you may contact their data protection officer (DPO):

-via e-mail at info@lecielsainttropez.fr

-or by signed letter accompanied by a copy of an identification document to the following address:

Société LE CIEL

Gérante : Anja Groener

Company’s address: 2, rue du Cepoun San Martin 83990 Saint-Tropez

3.2 Privacy policy

This privacy policy will apply to Le Ciel restaurant’s internet site within the European Economic Area.

The information we gather is limited to coordinates transmitted by the user as part of their requests for information. Le Ciel does not collect any bank or financial data. No partner will have access to your personal data.

At no time will the company make these personal data available, whether for payment or not. By entering their personal information on our platform, users agree to the collection of such data and their storage and/or processing as defined in these conditions. It is the user’s responsibility not to enter data that he wishes to keep confidential.

No international transfer of these data is performed by the company.

We use reasonable technological, administrative, and physical protection measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data. We use technological protections recognized by the industry such as hard- and software firewalls and have adopted and deployed security procedures to protect your information against loss, misuse, or unauthorized modification. Despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee absolute or unreserved protection of this information given the internet’s open nature and the resulting instability, and we do not guarantee the effectiveness of our security and we decline any responsibility in case of violation of security or any failure of the security of your information technology equipment, your internet access provider or other communication networks and providers.

4. Cookies

We may be required to use cookies. Cookies are small files transferred from a web server onto your hard disk. This automatically provides us with certain data, e.g., IP address, utilized browser, operating system, and your internet connection. Based on the information contained in the cookies, we can facilitate your navigation and ensure proper display of our internet site. You can also visit our internet site without cookies. Internet browsers are usually configured to accept cookies. You can deactivate the use of cookies at any time in your browser’s settings. Please refer to your internet browser’s help menu to finds out how to modify these settings. Please note that some of our internet site’s functionalities may not function if you have deactivated cookies.

5. Google Maps

We use Google Maps (API) by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”) on our internet site. Google Maps is an internet service allowing display of interactive maps to visually display geographical information. Use of this service will show you the location of rental villas.

When you access subpages containing the Google Maps map, information on your usage of our internet site (e.g., IP address) will be transmitted and stored by Google on servers located in the United States. This will occur regardless of whether Google has supplied you with a user account with which you have connected yourself or whether such an account does not exist. Your information will be directly associated with your account when you are connected with Google. You need to disconnect yourself before activating the button if you do not wish to be associated with your Google profile. Google LLC, based in the United States, has been certified in conformity with the European “Data Shield” agreement on the protection of data, which ensures compliance with the level of protection of data applicable within the EU.

If you refuse future transmission of your data to Google as part of the use of Google Maps, you may also completely deactivate Google Maps’ web service by deactivating the JavaScript application in your internet browser. You may refer to Google’s terms of use at policies.google.com/terms.

6. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These GCU will be governed by and interpreted under French law. In case of disputes, French courts will be competent.

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